About Us

MyFirstPlace Daycare was founded to provide quality full-time and part-time care to families in the Santa Monica, California area. Our goal is to provide the best care for your child in a safe, healthy, loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment. We are not a replacement for parents. Rather we are your partners in your child’s development.

Our philosophy is that in order to maximize a child’s potential you have to nourish them holistically. In addition to making sure they are physically safe and happy, we seek to help them discover their interests by encouraging their curiosity and desire to learn.

At MyFirstPlace Daycare you will find:

  • 100% Organic Menu. Your child will eat fresh, organic food daily. Each week’s menu is posted in the Menu section of the website so you can see the healthy, tasty foods your child enjoys here at daycare. Of course we also honor all special dietary requests and needs.
  • A Dynamic Play Area. We love our play area, which is set in a beautiful garden setting. We continue to change and improve our play area as the children’s interests grow and change.
  • Bilingualism. There’s no better time to start teaching another language than in the early years. Your child will build his or her vocabulary with both English and Spanish words.
  • Fun Activities. From time-to-time we bring in outside teachers or activities volunteers to help with new, fun activities. Parents are free to suggest activities or recommend volunteers.
  • Newsletters/Updates.You will receive a newsletter with information about the upcoming month (menus, activities, birthdays, etc). From time to time we also send you emails about your child’s development or about other exciting news.


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